Terms and Conditions

I will invest time in learning about both your medical & exercise history and your personal goals as a client. I will create an individual training programme, specific to you and I will progress this for you if/when we work together over a long-term basis.

My mission is to help you to reach your peak!

Upon Arrival to Training Session
Please arrive to each session 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Please wear suitable fitness attire i.e., gym leggings/bottoms, sports bra/top, comfortable runners. Please bring a sweat towel and a water bottle. Changing facilities are available on site at DCU, including showers, lockers, and toilets.

Cancellation Policy
I have a strict 8-hour cancellation policy. All payments are required prior to the scheduled session and any cancellations within 8 hours of the scheduled session will not be refunded.

If you have booked multiple sessions in one package and cancel a session (within at least 8 hours of the scheduled time), we can then reschedule the session for an alternative day/time.

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